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Can be connected wi-fi smart printer

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Intelligent 3 d printer can be connected with wi-fi, what do you want to print. Install the new RoboAPP, can through the mobile device to print all kinds of 3 d components.
Robo is stepping up efforts in production at present, RoboC2 launched this year November, will be launched before January 2017 RoboR2. Company claims that the printer can be used in the home, school, or work.
Robo is a modern networking equipment, it makes the print process easier. Robo can provide seamless precision printing and use experience, integration of the next generation of automation technology, the printing speed faster and more intelligent.
From the point of information, RoboC2 size 13 x12. 75 x18. 25 inches and weighs 20.8 pounds (9.43 kg), the print size 5 x5x6 inches, layer resolution 20-300 microns, the printing speed 16 square millimeters per second, movement speed by 250 mm per second, installation quick change the nozzle, support wi-fi and RoboAPP. On C2 is equipped with a 3.5 -inch color touchscreen, compatible with more than 20 printing materials.
RoboR2 x16.5.23.75 16.75 inch size, weighs 25.5 pounds (11.6 kg), the print size 8 x8x10 inches, layer resolution 200-300 microns, the printing speed and movement speed and C2. R2 installed 5 inches color touch screen, with built-in camera, compatible with more than 30 printed materials.
RoboC2 sell for between $499 and $649, RoboR2 between $999 and $1199.
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