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Biodegradable packaging material power plastic packaging industry transformation

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The topic of global environmental protection is a common concern in today's society, environmental protection has become the important developing directions of plastics industry. Plastic packaging materials is closely related to our life, and a large number of packaging waste can bring enormous pressure to the environment. Therefore, the green environmental protection, biodegradable plastics packaging materials is more in line with current consumer demand and environmental requirements.
Recently, the ACS researchers reported that American agriculture subordinates a new achievements, they used to extract in the milk casein obtained a kind of biodegradable packaging film materials, oh, it is said that this kind of packing material is edible in the food packaging on the anticorrosive performance due to everyday plastic packaging film materials.
In addition, during the study, researchers found that if the simple use of this kind of milk casein preparation of thin film materials are poor flexibility and particularly susceptible to the disadvantages such as water, so the researchers modified by adding citrus pectin, material is more tenacious, and improves the heat resistance and moisture resistant (citrus pectin can be used in the preparation of food grade coating).
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