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Most paper container material with picture book printing

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Paper container is widely used in our everyday life, such as paper cup, paper bowl container belong to the paper. Paper container in affect our life, production, the quality of paper container of paper container is under the attention of people in your life.
Used in the printing process, paper container picture album printing substrate mainly have two types, that is, corrugated base paper and paper board. Corrugated board is refers to the paper production of corrugated board paper by box of paperboard and corrugated paper. Box board crack resistance strength and compression strength, shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the printing. Half an corrugated corrugated paper and corrugated board. White paper plate production of paper container of paper board is mainly Manila, senior Bai Hou paper, white paper board, two card paper, etc.
Manila and Bai Hou paper printing is to enhance the paper surface smoothness, whiteness, printing eligibility for the main purpose. If use white coating for coating, paint can be made into Manila paper, coating, coating of thick paper board, etc. For coating board, has the good printing eligibility, can be used in gravure printed brochures. The surface layer of Manila for chemical pulp bleaching, middle layer and inner layer of broken wood pulp. Senior white paper board and double card paper mainly made from chemical pulp and broken wood pulp, used for high-grade paper container. Other strawboard, shredded paper tape board, color paper with waste paper as raw material, such as printing eligibility is poorer, mainly as a post box with paper.
Recently, plastics processing board get rapid development. Tied polyolefin resin (polyethylene and polypropylene), vinegar is material such as resin, aluminum foil compound and into, compound board, as the production of packaging container with cardboard. According to the paper container the morphology, structure and different materials, paper container can be divided into the following kinds, namely, folding box, box, container, composite box, corrugated cardboard boxes.
Paper container with other composite materials, made from the monomer of commodity packaging carton is called composite cartons. Composite cartons besides has the ability to protect the goods, while others, such as flexible packaging material that has a function for the long-term preservation of goods.
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