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DPJ Series Coffee/Ice Cream Paper Cup Lid/Cover Making Machine

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Single Piece Roll Paper Lid/Cover Making Machine(Model:DPJ-100)
Single Piece Roll Paper Bowl Lid Machine(Model :DPJ-145)
Single Piece Roll Paper Salad Bowl Lid Machine(Model :DPJ-200)

DPJ series Single paper lid machine is our best machine, which make paper lid, paper cover.paper cap,
Can be make round shape lids and non-round shape lids,best machinery make.
It’s an automatic machine with the functions:
Automatic roll paper feed,
Creasing (make the forming guide line),
Emboss (can make emboss, logo),
Cross cut (make hole for straw),
Punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc),
Auto feed disc to mold, heating,
Folding, knurling, and discharge,With convey and counter for collection.
Main Specificiation:
1, Suitable paper: One & Two side PE coated paper, coated paper.PLA etc
2, Paper weight: 250~350 gsm
3, Lid size: Diameter 55~100 mm & 100~140mm & 140-200mm
4, Lid height: 8~15 mm
5, Max Speed: 70-110 pcs/minute
6, Power Source: AC380V 3-phase, 50Hz,
7, Total power: 10KW,
8, Weight: 2500KG
9, Machine size: 2600*1500*1800mm,
10, Air requirement: Consumption 0.02cubic meter/minute, Pressure:0.3MPa,
Patent equipment, high speed.
Feed roll paper,
Auto creasing(guide line),
Auto emboss (logo and shape on lid top, also make cross cut),
Auto punching(cut roll paper to lid disc),
Lid made by one paper disc, save cost.
PLC control + servo motor feed paper
Open cam + shaft + cam + gear control movement, stable and reliable.
The above parameters and pictures are for reference only.
google coffee Cup lid machine
google coffee stacking lid machine 
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