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Two Rolls Paper Lid Forming Machine Speed 80Pcs/min

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Two Rolls Paper Lid Forming Machine (Model:ZGJ-70R)

Technical Parameters

HS code: 8441309000

Height (14-20) mm,

Model:ZGJ-70R (single rolls & double rolls)

Cup Diameter : (65 -125 mm) (130-190mm)

Max speed: 80/PCS per minute.

Applicable paper: Single and double PE/PLA coated paper,

Paper weight:250-480g/m2

Power: 13kw

Power supply: AC380V 3-phase, 50Hz (can be customized according to customers)

Working air source: air consumption 0.12 cubic meters per minute, working air pressure 0.4MPa

Roll feeding paper lid machine: 3500KG

Roll feeding paper lid machine packaging size :2450*1700*1900mm

Above parameter for customer reference.

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